Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stuff white people like

Um Tulip writes

A site we occasionally visit and is always good for a laugh: www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com. Number 115 is "Promising to learn a new language". Since I speak three languages and work in the field of language acquisition, this one was particularly funny and worth posting about. Kudos to all you white people struggling to learn Arabic. Allah ya3tiik al3aafia (May God give you strength or الله يعطيك العافية). Here is a bit from the blog but you'll have to read it all yourself.

"Finally, though they won’t admit it, white people do not believe that learning English is difficult. This is because if it were true, then that would mean that their housekeeper, gardener, mother-in-law (if they are an elite white person) are smarter than them. Needless to say, this realization would destroy their entire universe."

Additionally, number 112 is "Hummus". Something we all like, I guess. Although the hummus I bought in America a couple years ago pales in comparison to the local hummus we buy down the street. Sahtayn!

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Sharon M said...

English IS easy in a number of ways, but the spelling is ATROCIOUS. Seriously, we need a major overhaul of the written part of the English language. Spanish is so nice in that respect. Words (in general) are spelled like they sound.