Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A great source for names

Abu tulip writes:

I too need to process a little before commenting on the election results, or I will say something I will regret. My cynicism is running high right now.

Continuing on the topic of names:

Friends of ours are expecting a baby and are searching for creative name possibilities. They've been looking at hymn tunes, such as Aberswythe, Diademata, Runessan. (Some of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but you can check their site.

Anyway, I found another great source for names, preferably website or pets (please not children). It comes from the word verification for leaving comments or doing some other business on the web (leave a comment here - please - and you'll see what I mean).
Here are some of my finds:

phiness (feminine product?, baby laundry detergent?)
suboomti (a city in Africa?)
toeron (evil emperor of another galactic realm?)
nowshan (pro-Obama campaign sign?)
gloympu (the stuff inside a baby's diaper immediately after birth?)
bodcou (deodorant? body splash?)
phokid - this could work for a child, "Hey Phokid, come over here!"

Maybe we'll find web-aliases (what's the plural of alias?) for our kids this way.

Any other faves?


MommaBean said...

How fun... Finding a name can be so tough. Personally, I liked the name of the stuffed elephant. I see a theme, favorite stuffed animal names in place of real ones. Excellent. That's my vote.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Being Welsh, Aberstwyth (or however, With that language you don't know the letter, make it a 'Y' and it works). My brother's middle name is "Mawddwy"