Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Concert sold out!

Been a busy with well, life.  Last week was the culmination of many rehearsals and we put on a great show!  Both the Wednesday and Thursday night concerts were sold out.  If you read Arabic, follow this link, as a local paper wrote about our performance.  The Faure Requiem was outstanding.  At times, it was hard not to just close my eyes and listen to the blending of our voices along with the symphony.  Our director flawlessly gave us everything we needed to perform with beauty and grace. 

During intermission I was talking with a fellow choir member.  This is her first season with Dozan and she commented, "this is so exhilarating!'  Really, we don't tire of performing.  Our voices came together for what may have been our best concert yet.  I appreciate this diverse group of friends so much.  Thanks, Dozan, for a great spring break.  Thanks, Abu Tulip, for your support as I've skipped off to rehearsal and performances so many nights in a row.  Thanks, Lord, for giving us voices and instruments to create sound that gives you glory. 

~ Um Tulip