Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Naming our boys

Um Tulip writes:

I'm not going to comment on the election at this point, except to say that I'm glad it's over and decided. That and I hope that the Republican Party does some serious rethinking about their policies and practices.

My 'worry' for now is coming up with blog names for our boys. Yeah, I'm glad to post about something not so serious. Baby boy #3 is going to be called "Baby bulb" until he comes this February. However, I still need some blog names for our two boys who are currently out at the park with my wonderful husband. Why not just use their real names? Well, we decided to keep the blog somewhat anonymous so we can write about anything, and for our privacy. So you won't see too many pictures here, but hopefully I'll have some funny stories to share.

So here are a few options for our older son:

Tender Tulip: He's a five year old in kindergarten, and often sensitive to others' feelings and his own. His biggest concern at school is that he doesn't speak Arabic well enough. While he's happy to translate for his other English speaking friends at school, he's quite shy. "Mommy, when I speak Arabic I don't sound the same as the Arab kids."
Sensible One: As a typical firstborn, he's often the voice a reason for his little brother's plans. "No, we can't put legos up our nose. That's silly."
Mr. Monk: Just like Adrian, he likes life to be orderly and clean. He rarely spills or gets dirty. This is a blessing when it comes to laundry, but just try and find a perfect banana for him to eat. "Mommy, I found a spot!"
Perfectionist boy: His teacher gave him some handwriting papers to practice. He kept erasing the letters until they were just right. I know, he gets it from me. What can I do?
Charlie: The name my mom gave to him while we were waiting for him to be born.
Oliver: The name of his stuffed elephant that accompanies him to bed.

Our younger son is two and a half and it the midst of potty training. Some ideas:

Ticklish Boy: One of his favorite things is to tickle and be tickled, often while wrestling with daddy on our bed, and in the process spilling sand from his pockets onto our sheets.
Blankie boy or Teddy Bear: His favorite blankie has pictures of teddy bears on it. Whenever he sleeps or gets an owie or is a bit cranky, blankie is a must.
Goofy: Unlike his big brother, he loves the absurd. Wearing underpants on his head? Why not? Spaghetti noodles with pancake syrup - no wait, that was Elf.
Curious George: Pampers here come with animals on them. Lately he searches through the entire package looking for a 'monkey diaper'. As a typical two-year-old, he is curious about anything and everything.
Talkative Tulip: While he was a little late talking, he has made up for it quickly these past few months. Many of his sentences are actually a mixture of the two languages together. His favorite phrase right now is "ana laabis blue today" which means, "I'm wearing blue today." He learns all kinds of phrases from his friends at nursery and usually I can understand him. Other new words for him these past couple weeks include "actually, it's true, & I already did!"
Mr. Popularity: He goes to a nursery in the mornings and is the most popular kid there, it seems. As I was never one of those popular kids in school, I find this hilarious. When I drop him off and pick him up, all the other kids shout his name. Moms find me and tell me how much their child talks about him. We've decided there are three reasons for this. One, he's been at the nursery longer than many of the other kids and is very comfortable there. His big brother went there before him so the transition to nursery was a breeze. Two, he's very comfortable using English or Arabic and doesn't hesitate to talk to other kids. Three, his name is very easy to pronounce in both languages so I think kids just like to say his name.

Comments? Ideas? Stay tuned.

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Rebecca said...

I would vote for "Oliver"-- it's stuck with me after reading this post a week ago. As for the little one, "George" goes with Oliver, but maybe Georgie would be better-- the diminutive seems appropriate. :)