Tuesday, November 18, 2008

naming our boys, part II

Um Tulip writes:

So we've settled on blog names for our boys. As I mentioned in an early post, the little one in my tummy is named Baby Bulb for now. Our five-year-old will now be known as Oliver, after his favorite stuffed elephant. Our two-year-old will now be known as Teddy Bear, after his favorite blankie. The kids had a blast posing for pictures with blankets over their heads. Just for grins, Oliver recently commented to me, "Mommy, my friend Ra'ad doesn't have as many owies as me." Quite concerned, I asked him why. "Because his little brother doesn't know how to hit," he responded. His good friend has a six month old baby brother. Just wait, I told him. He'll learn to hit soon enough. Happy parenting!

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