Friday, November 28, 2008

Dr. Pepper

Um Tulip writes:

Well, we haven't posted in a few days. Our internet has been down and just came on an hour ago, so I'm checking up on news. This was especially frustrating as we use vonage and we couldn't talk to family on Thanksgiving day as we couldn't get online. However, one thing to be thankful for is that we are able to get high speed internet. When we first moved here, DSL was still new and we used a very slow dial-up. I'll put aside my frustrations with Orange (the internet provider) for another day, and just be thankful, as we have so much to be thankful for!

Since we've been sick with colds and busy with choir rehearsals at the same time I wanted to find something interesting to write about. I'm excited about Queen Rania's you tube video, but it's been mentioned many other places so you can look it up. I'm worried about the situation in Mumbai, but am foggy on the details so won't comment.

This headline caught my attention, though. "Axel Rose wants an apology from Dr. Pepper." Apparently, Dr. Pepper was offering free sodas online in celebration of the release of Guns 'N Roses album. Though I'm not a huge fan of Guns 'N Roses (but can't help knowing some of their music after being a teenager in the 90s, particulary after having to go to the weight room in high school with the football players in order to get out of taking gym, but I digress) I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Pepper. Every month or so I buy myself a can from the imported foods section at the fancy supermarket in town. Pepsi is every where here but Dr. Pepper is unknown and expensive. I love Dr. Pepper. Not much else to say but the headline struck me funny. For those of you in America, buy a can of Dr. Pepper today!


abu 'n um tulip said...

Abu Tulip says:
I think we should get an apology from Dr. Pepper for not having their product more available and affordable here.

a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

What do Dr. Pepper and Guns N Roses have in common? They both give me a headache. In an interesting, though not entirely surprising twist, Dr. Pepper's website was down the day you had to go and request your coupon. When you could get it, people were advised the coupons would take six weeks to arrive, but they would expire Dec. 28. I guess nothing really is free in this world.