Monday, November 10, 2008

Bored and complaining?

Well, both kids are asleep, hubby's at a meeting, and I'm out of things to do. The boys have been sick and both fell asleep at 6:30. I did laundry, washed dishes, caught up on email (only 45 in the inbox now), caught up on some reading, and am out of ideas. I ironed (a once a month occurence). I read up on my friends' blogs. Saw lots of cute Halloween pictures of kids and such. I even made tomato and lentil soup earlier today from scratch (thanks to desert mom's recipe - yummy). Oh, I also fixed a couple holes in the living room curtain. Note to self- do not leave a candle burning within reach of a two-year-old. He just might want to sing happy birthday and then try to cover it up with a curtain. Praise God the curtains are made of a cheap synthetic material. All that happened was a couple of small holes and the slight smell of burnt plastic. That and my older son reminding me, "you really shouldn't put a candle near him, mommy." I guess the smell of burnt plastic is better than the smell of puke. Several scrubbings and a lot of vinegar/baking soda seems to have my living room smelling better. But no more nice pumpkin candles burning unless I'm right there! I realize I need to rejoice in this quiet. The Lord must know I needed it. I'm off to find a way to enjoy this last hour or so of quiet before I turn in.

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