Friday, November 14, 2008

Post-Election Response, Part II

Abu tulip writes:

I've read a lot of responses to the US Presidential election in the last ten days (has it really been that long). Of course, I'm amazed at how many people are already talking about the next cycles--2010 and 2012. Maybe a bit early? People are even wondering what it will take for Obama to win/not win a second term. So much can happen we all need to slow down a bit.

Additionally, since Obama talked so much about "fundamental change" in the campaign, why is he now mentioning all these former Clinton, even Carter, advisors for posts in his administration? Maybe now that he's actually in the position, he wants to play it a little more safely, which I can understand. I wonder, are people thinking that he's not living up to the "change" for which they voted?

That being said, these are some of the responses I've appreciated:

1. Here is one of the best responses I've seen from a Christian pastor, that being Mark Driscoll.

2. A response from a conservative commentator, with an irenic, positive and pragmatic tone.

3. Finally, if you follow Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, he has been sounding pretty smart lately. Whether or not you agree with him, you can't deny he's got fresh ideas. He saw the current economic collapse well before anyone else and has been giving dire warnings about bailouts and the federal reserve. Here are his thoughts.

Later: Thoughts about the Republican candidates.

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