Saturday, February 26, 2011

God looks after the little things.

Recently Abu Tulip and I were talking about how insignificant our lives really are, considering the population of the earth and the conflicts befalling nations surrounding us.  Yet it is at times comical how important the tiniest details matter to us personally on a daily basis.  We are told God knows the number of hairs on our head.  Although I am confident in my faith, I am still surprised at little miracles such as this morning.

Last night we went out to a restaurant for dinner.  Abu Tulip just left for a work conference, and my mother-in-law and I are holding down the fort.  It was a lovely "date night".  Seafood ravioli.  Yum.  Afterward we stopped at an ATM to make sure we had enough cash for the week.  The ATM was poorly lit, and as Abu Tulip opened his wallet a few things fell out.  I bent down and found a credit card and a receipt.  I didn't notice anything else around.

This morning we were heading out our road for Abu Tulip to drop us off at school and then return to finish packing his suitcase.  As we pulled out, we noticed our neighbor waving frantically at us from the car behind.  We pulled over and Z came up.  "How's it going?" we asked.

Z is a young shab who is loads of fun and his mom makes the best maqloubi I've ever had.  I learned a lot of Arabic from this family and they are dear friends.  "Well," Z said, "my buddies and I were out last night and we stopped at an ATM.  My friend found this credit card and showed it to me.  It's yours!  So here you go."

Dumbstruck, we headed on our way to school, marveling at God's intervention in our lives.  That the lost card would be found by a good friend is beyond me.  Had it been stolen, a lot of damage would have taken place before we would have ever noticed, especially with Abu Tulip traveling this week.

I guess I needed to be reminded of His care and concern.  Thank you, Lord.

~ Um Tulip

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