Thursday, March 3, 2011

Star Wars storms our home

Those of you with boys in the house probably know that Lego Star Wars is really cool.  I had R2D2 underwear as a child, but not until recently did I realize the reprisal of Star Wars.  Teddy Bear very proudly talks about Dark Vader, Light Savers, and the Storm Creatures.  He also likes the "Teddy Bears that jump up and down a lot"  (aka Ewoks).  Isn't he adorable?

I had a lot of fun shopping at the Lego store in Columbus last month, and got all sorts of figurines and special pieces.  Then I happened to walk buy a high-end cooking supply store and saw Star Wars pancake molds in the store-front.  I couldn't resist.  Here are the results.

If you spray the pancake molds with non-stick spray (what is that stuff made out of anyway?) they pop out okay.   I want to do sugar cookies soon.  They were a huge hit.  The black / red / yellow lego structure is the "bad guys spaceship" and is shaped like a slice of pizza.  It is on a hinge to open up sideways.  The blue / white / grey structure is the colors the boys chose for the "good guys spaceship" and has a rooftop that opens to access the computer and stash of light sabers.  The only question that remains is: who had more fun building the lego spaceships - me or the boys?


Kathryn said...

The pancakes look like they turned out great! Super fun stuff!!

Sharon M said...

Those are so awesome! My son is on a Star Wars kick as well, but he's been asking questions like, "Mommy, why did Emperor Palpatine decide to be evil?" and "Why is Anakin good in Episode 1 and bad in Episode 3?" Aaahhh, trying to explain the complications and nuances of going to the Dark Side. It's never simple young Padawan.

a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

Cooking spray is just vegetable oil, sometimes a little bit of super finely ground flour, and soy lecithin, an additive that prevents it from pooling up.

Is there nothing George Lucas won't put his stamp of approval on? It's bad enough he unleashed Jar Jar Binks on the planet. Leave IHOP alone! I keep telling people, if you stop buying this crap he'll eventually get the point and leave well enough alone, but no one listens to me.