Monday, February 21, 2011

A few pics for now.

Still working on editing some photos and forming those posts.  For now....can you name where this one was taken?  Do you have any idea what "Best without taste" means?

This one is of a family restroom at a nice hotel.  Again, what were they thinking!  As a mom of three boys, I have been in this situation before and let me tell you, I nearly wet myself the first time I saw this sign.

This is just a shot of the lovely fabric my MIL and I got downtown for a great price.  She's been busy this week making curtains for our living room.  They are beautiful!

Teddy Bear made this valentine for us last week.  I edited out the name of his best friend for privacy's sake, but I think it's adorable.
 More to follow.  ~ Um Tulip

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a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

I'm happy to say that second picture has never been a reality for me, but it almost was one night. That's what I get for trying to change a diaper in the dark.