Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine's Day Song

I've been back from the states a couple weeks now, and have formed about 20 blog posts in my mind.  However, we've been too busy getting back into school and then fabric shopping and choir rehearsals that I haven't actually posted anything.

Linus turned two, and the terrible twos are well underway.  Pics of Elmo cupcakes need to be posted.

The pictures of our star wars pancake morning are ready to post, too, as soon as I load them.

For now, as I need to get back to the kiddos, I'll leave you with my current favorite song.  We ordered the CD "Counting Stars" by Andrew Peterson off Amazon.  Yes, we have yet to switch over to downloading MP3s.  I can't get through the song "Dancing in the Minefields" without tears. 

Valentine's Day was busy with work and choir so we didn't really celebrate, but this song reminds me why I married my best friend and I'm so thankful for the choice we made, now 10 1/2 years ago.


I was nineteen, you were twenty-one
The year we got engaged
Everyone said we were much too young
But we did it anyway

We bought our rings for forty each
From a pawn shop down the road
We made our vows and took the leap
Now fifteen years ago

We went dancing in the minefields
We went sailing in the storm
And it was harder than we dreamed
But I believe that's what the promise is for

"I do" are the two most famous last words
The beginning of the end
But to lose your life for another I've heard
Is a good place to begin

'Cause the only way to find your life
Is to lay your own life down
And I believe it's an easy price
For the life that we have found

And we're dancing in the minefields
We're sailing in the storm
This is harder than we dreamed
But I believe that's what the promise is for

So when I lose my way, find me
When I loose love's chains, bind me
At the end of all my faith, till the end of all my days
When I forget my name, remind me

'Cause we bear the light of the Son of Man
So there's nothing left to fear
So I'll walk with you in the shadowlands
Till the shadows disappear

'Cause he promised not to leave us
And his promises are true
So in the face of all this chaos, baby,
I can dance with you

~ Um Tulip

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TAE said...

Great song. I just watched the video on Youtube. Very moving and inspiring. I just celebrated a year with my husband and I'm looking forward to 50 more.