Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Legos (reliving my childhood aspirations to be an engineer)

Um Tulip writes:

Baby Bulb is 11 days old. He is a strong, healthy little boy who loves to nurse. Between feedings, diaper changes, and napping there is little time for other things. I'm extremely grateful to so many who have brought meals over. I love lasagna! I've been reading other blogs but haven't had energy to write anything myself. At least my brain is not thinking creatively as of yet. This weekend Oliver and Teddy Bear had plenty of energy and with the rain pouring down outside (thank you, Lord) they needed something to do.

So, between feedings, etc., we made the coolest Lego house ever. Last summer my in-laws brought my childhood Legos with them in their suitcases and I've been working hard to share my passion for Legos with my boys. First we sorted the Legos by color, which Oliver loved. We had all sorts of cooking bowls out for the project. He even wanted to sort light grey and dark grey.

We made a four story house with removable levels. Each floor sort of slides out so you can see the floor below. The backside of the house is also open so you can move the little Lego men around. After all was finished, Oliver noticed there were no stairs. That simply wouldn't do. As each floor is made of a base piece, I wasn't able to design a staircase. So we built an elevator shaft on the back. I used some thread to create a semi-functioning elevator. It needs a few tugs, but it works!

Abu Tulip has been busy at work and being an incredible support around the house. Teddy Bear insists on being carried and occasionally fed (jealousy? hmmm). As I'm not supposed to carry around an almost 3 year old yet, this job falls on Abu Tulip. He has also changed more than his fair share of diapers. Hopefully he'll have a chance to post something soon.


Anonymous said...

Ma ashtarik!!! I am very impressed!! Praying for this new baby time. :)

a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

Admit it, you secretly want a job working at one of those Lego theme parks, building attractions. Actually, that would probably be pretty sweet work if you can get it.

MommaBean said...

Congrats! And that IS the coolest Lego house ever. Min are always just square rooms. No engineering abilities here... We want to come soon and visit Baby Tulip (okay I'll probably come alone since the last thing you need is three more wild kids added to the mix ;) ).