Friday, February 6, 2009

and your cake, too...

This morning I tried out my theory of letting the kids pick what we'll have for dinner. I've found that often they eat better if they get to choose part of the meal. Usually this involves which type of noodles go in the pasta dish, or something simple like that. The dinner turned out great, but it took some coaxing to get Teddy Bear to eat.

When I asked him what he wanted for dinner, he requested lasagna. Since I just made lasagna and even splurged on the ricotta cheese from Cosmo, and lasagna is a lot of work, I suggested we make a new kind of lasagna. By the way, my kids have decided they love lasagna ever since they watched the Garfield movie. They even let me put onions in it! We decided on green and white lasagna. Friday mornings are our usual time to go grocery shopping, so that made it easier.

After getting back from the grocery store, I cooked some chicken and some broccoli for the layers, and made a simple bechamel sauce. I shredded some mozzarella, and layered the green (spinach flavored) noodles with the fillings. I used some Arabic chicken seasoning for the chicken and also a little allspice and nutmeg for the sauce. For someone who used to only cook from a recipe, I was quite proud of my creation.

When dinner was served, Oliver loved it. So did hubby, so I was proud. Oliver at one point asked, 'is 7+3=10?' as he had just eaten 10 pieces of broccoli, no less. I can already tell he's going to be a math kid. However, Teddy Bear refused to eat. We begged and pleaded. We offered cake for dessert. At one point, he pushed his food away and laid his head on the table in exasperation.

At this Oliver asked him, 'Teddy Bear, are you praying?'. 'No'. 'Are you praying to God that mommy and daddy will forget they said you had to eat your lasagna before you get a piece of cake?' We refused to give in, and his food went into the refrigerator.

Well, nearly three hours later, after taking some time to color and play, I can smile with satisfaction and say he did eat his lasagna, and got to eat his cake.

~ Um Tulip


Sharon M said...

Are you praying to God that mommy and daddy will forget they said you had to eat your lasagna before you get a piece of cake?
Classic Oliver quote. I was laughing so hard!

abu 'n um tulip said...

I was laughing pretty, hard, too.