Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter Holiday

Our holiday week started out with a bang, as it seems our darling two-year-old can't stay out of trouble.  He got a hold of a chocolate candy with a hazelnut inside.  One of those yummy chocolates I keep hidden away just for mommy, when she's having a rough day.  Well, he choked on it, and while he was breathing, he continued to wheeze and cough for half an hour after.  After calling my mom and my pediatrician, it was off to the ER.  Both suspected the cause, a portion of hazelnut had aspirated into his lung.

A chest x-ray and breathing treatment later, we saw the pediatric surgeon who recommended a broncoscopy.  So the Saturday before Easter we spent with Linus being sedated and having a large piece of hazelnut removed from his right lung.

He was up an running the next day, happily shouting المسيح قام - حقا قام  "Christ is Risen - He is risen indeed" up and down the aisles at church.  I am so thankful it wasn't worse, and while his antics continually put me on edge and the tantrums are wearing me out, I love my little blankie boy. 

We took him to Petra the next weekend for a choir getaway and he enjoyed the view from the backpack.  Despite the rough beginning, it was a great week of family time and visits with friends.  We also made a volcano with Teddy Bear and Oliver, as Oliver has been learning about natural disasters in science class.  The Arabic word for earthquake is so cool - زلزال  "zilzal" and the plural even better "zilaazil".

Now I'm back to school and we're frantically finishing up teaching material and preparing for end-of-the year assemblies.   We'll see if there's time for a few more posts this month!

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