Monday, February 22, 2010

from the mouths of babes...

Here are a few comments from my children.  It's been a long couple weeks, as a bad virus went to the family. Baby Bulb turned one and was sick on his birthday.  We're all on the mend now, and in the past few days I've been making notes of some of their crazy comments.

Baby Bulb's words are pretty much: haada (this)  dad, dibedibedibe, and waaaa.

The other two, however:

Oliver: "Are mouses real?  I never saw one."
Teddy Bear: "I saw a mouse in my a story."  (sigh of relief from the parents)

Oliver: "Can you find a different way to help me get to sleep?  Counting backwards is really hard,

Teddy Bear: "I flushed the toilet and I wiped my bottom two times - not two and a half - Mom - David is two and a half."

Teddy Bear: "Coconuts don't eat onions - cuz they don't have mouths."

Mom: "I think we should change your jammies as they have throw up on them.  Teddy Bear: "Tomorrow I don't want to wear them."

Teddy Bear: "Don't touch your hand on this side of the potty - I peed on it, okay?"

Dad: "Buckle your seatbelt." 
Oliver: "Seatbelts are for cars - and airplanes."
 Teddy Bear: "If you go upside down in an airplane you need to have a seatbelt."
Oliver: "Yeah, in a plane they have a potty - but you can't use it all the time."  (we learned this the hard way)
Teddy Bear "Cars don't have potties!
Oliver: "You shouldn't go to the potty in an airplane when it goes upside down - you know what might happen?"

~ Um Tulip

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Kathryn said...

my nephews are so cute!