Saturday, January 10, 2009

Light of Heaven

Many of our friends are asking us about the situation next door. If you are local, check out 7iber and Kinzi for suggestions. If you are an American, look beyond the local media and remember that to be anti-Semitic is to be anti-Arab as much as anti-Jewish. Arabs are Semitic, too! Gaza is so densely populated the bombs are killing woman and children quicker than I can bear to imagine. Just Thursday our Teddy Bear had minor hernia surgery. He was under general anesthesia for just an hour, but the fear of losing my little boy was overwhelming. When I read the news I can't help but weep for the mothers.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Jordanians are showing beautiful generosity and unity as we struggle to deal with the crisis. Tonight we heard a discouraging report from the Al-ahli hospital run by the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, which is right in the heart of Gaza. All the of windows of the hospital have been blown out due to the bombings, and there is no plastic available even to temporarily keep out the cold. Basic medical supplies are in extreme demand, as are staples like food and water. On a positive note, 40 tons of aid has been able to get through due to the actions of 7iber and the Action Committee.

A friend of mine also posted some links of a couple you tube videos which are worth mentioning. The first is a song written for Gaza with some difficult images, but many of us need to view these images and take them to heart. It's called, 'We will not go down'. The second is of one my favorite artists, Fernando Ortega, singing a song called 'Light of Heaven'. While not written about Gaza, the words speak for themselves.

"Light of Heaven, Lord of Mercy
Shine the goodness of your love upon this day
'til we see you, 'til we know you,
'til the darkness and the sorrow fade away."

Um Tulip


Jessica Haley said...

I've seen pieces of this on the news, but {having lived with Ghadeer} I know how one-sided and essentially useless the news can be for accurate information on both sides. I'm so sorry to read on of your little ones is undergoing surgery. Is he okay? Has your personal home and safety been affected?

abu 'n um tulip said...

Hey Jess,
With 900 Palestinians dead and 13 Israelis dead, there's not much to argue. 'Teddy Bear' is back to wrestling with his older brother. He now has an 'innie' instead of an 'outie'. We go to the doc tomorrow to remove the bandage but I think all is well. Everything here is actually fine. Of course we avoid areas where there are protests and there is a larger police presence, but if things continue as they are I expect more protests. One can't stay silent amidst such suffering.