Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Photos - sort of

As mentioned earlier, Um Tulip's family came for the Christmas holiday. The following are some of the funny pictures we took during that time. Some of them even compete with Mommabean's photo posts from November. Since missing out on the "blue crap" in the seafood section of Carrefour we've been trying to bring our camera with us lately to snap some of the hilarious things we notice around town. In reality, it is amazing how much English is found and how often things are spelled correctly, as my bro-in-law noticed as we walked around Jabal Amman.

The only redeeming value of this Pub is that it is not spelled "pup or bub or bup" all three which exist in our city. In addition, Abu Tulip took some photos of a couple stores around town.

For 'Still Jeans and Still Man' there are two ways to understand this. It could mean 'it's still jeans, it hasn't changed'. Or 'the jeans and the man are still, as in not moving'. The mannequins in the window make me think it's the latter.

Next post: photos of Stewart the Puppet.

Abu and Um Tulip


a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

I still say I should be getting a cut of the profit from Jeff's Book Shop. Come on, I've got bills to pay here!

Sharon M said...

One of my favorite pictures I have is from a menu in Colombia that was translated into English:
"Shrimp and Poodles"

Mmm, nothing like a good poodle to make a dish exotic!

abu 'n um tulip said...

Jeff, I should post that one too. Good idea. But you may have to share the profit-cut with all the other Jeffs. That may put a dent into it. However, most Jeffs don't know as much about books as you, so maybe you deserve a little bigger cut.

Sharon, that one's good. I still remember the place in Aqaba that has "roasted aborigines."