Sunday, June 13, 2010

Musica Sacra

The choir I sing with, Dozan wa Awtar, recently got back from Germany performing at the Musica Sacra Festival.  Click here to listen to a performance.  I especially like this piece.  It's actually a collaboration of several themes, including a Byzantine communion hymn, a Sufi melody, and an Islamic song that's newish (rather than ancient, the original is sort of a pop song style / new age style / hard to explain).  In between the Sufi melody at the end, choir members are singing various songs that are important to them, including monastic chants.  It certainly reflects the color and beauty of the culture here. In a few days we have a Dozan get together where I'll get to hear stories from those who went on the trip.  Looking forward to it! 

~ Um Tulip

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