Thursday, December 24, 2009

Arabic Christmas Carol

Just viewed this Arabic Christmas Carol.  We sing a lot of translated Carols here, but there are some amazing traditional Carols as well.  Jingle Bells has been translated into too many languages!  I've been learning a little about 'mowashahaat' in choir, or traditional, folkloric songs. 

I like this because it reminds me that the melodies I often hear playing around are not necessarily Islamic.  The depth of Arabic music is incredible.  To the Western listener, one might think this melody is a recitation of the Quran, while it's actually proclaiming the miracle of the virgin birth.   It's Byzantine, and the pictures are from the Holy Land.  The end of the video lists where the pictures are from, so it's worth listening to the end. 

I plan on writing a few more posts about our trip, as well as share some thoughts based on a book I'm reading, "From the Holy Mountain".  For now, I'm enjoying the break with the boys.  They spent most of the morning playing pirates, and coloring Christmas cards.   Most of the presents are wrapped, and we're ready for Christmas Eve service tonight.

Praying you enjoy this evening, and are able to spend some time pondering the miracle of the incarnation.

~ Um Tulip


Sharon M said...

Beautiful song! Little Man learned a carol in school that is definitely traditional Arab, and is now one of my faves. I can't remember if we ever sang it at school or not.

abu 'n um tulip said...

Can you email the first line?