Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hummus wars? Happy Eid and Happy Thanksgiving.

We have a busy day ahead of us, and much to be thankful for.  Today we'll get Teddy Bear's stitches out, listen to Baby Bulb grind (chatter) his new front teeth, visit friends, talk to family on the phone, and get our suitcases ready for the choir trip to Jerusalem.  It happens this year that American Thanksgiving and Eid Al-Adha are the same weekend.  Bonus for us!  Not sure if we'll end up eating regular thanksgiving fare, but we will have a great time with local friends. 

Still haven't had the energy to post anything deep, but this link about hummus made me smile.  A new favorite for us is "msabbiha" which is hummus with whole chick peas in it.  It's a little thinner, and a bit of variety from the standard fare.  I've decided the name comes from the root verb sabah which means to swim, and that the little chick peas are swimming in the hummus.  My own etymology, we'll say. 

So, whatever you eat today, be it turkey, a lamb, or hummus, sahtayn and may it be a treasured time with family or friends and may God be praised for all his good gifts! 

~ Um Tulip

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a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

I saw that hummus story a few weeks ago. Don't mess with their dip, man, they're hard core.