Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting with the boys or how we spent our holiday

Yes, we actually taught our 3 year old and 6 year old how to paint walls.  This week was the end of Ramadan, and the schools closed for a week.  We spent the week painting our house, one room at a time, along with visiting friends, going out, and having some great family time.  It had been four years since we moved to our apartment, and the walls were very marked up and ready for a fresh coat.  The whole house had been done in 'natural calico' which is a light beige.  We went for 'wild rice' in the hallway, 'buttermilk' in the living room, 'blueberry white' in our bedroom, and Oliver picked out the boys' room.  Aqua and yellow stripes.  They had a blast painting with us.  We had a few friends come over to help in exchange for food, and I am so pleased with the results.  Today we were able to enjoy the home, and also made shish kabobs outside during the day.  Yes, we could finally cook outside before sunset without having angry neighbors.  Our good friends joined us for their first taste of grilled pineapple.  Arabs are experts when it comes to mashawi, but pineapple was a new thing for them.  Yum.

We had brought some blue painter's tape with us from the states this summer.

Even baby bulb got in on the action.

 Teddy Bear made letters.

The last pic is of a new lego house we made but you can see the 'buttermilk' color in the background.

Now, do we really need to go back to work on Monday?           ~ Um Tulip

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