Saturday, May 30, 2009

Challenge to Bedu Shepherds

Abu and Um Tulip are crazy busy right now getting ready to leave for a summer holiday in America. We are thrilled to see family and friends, especially for the grandmas and grandpas to get to know their newest grandson and have some quality time with Oliver and Teddy Bear. We're a bit nervous about the flight, but as it's been two years since we've been back, it's going to be great to see everyone.

Oliver turned six today and also graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. The best part of the ceremony was the hula hoop dancing and routines that looked like they were taken from 'Little Miss Sunshine'.

My sister recommended I look up LED sheep on You Tube. I guess some shepherds in Wales had a blast with their sheep, LED lights, and some filming techniques. I wonder if our local Bedu shepherds can top that. Enjoy!


Sharon M said...

Have a safe flight tomorrow! Hope baby Bulb will be able to get his in-flight cot. We'll be flying w/ Culacha as a lap child in July, and I was thinking about the time I asked you why you did that with Teddy Bear (when y'all went back to the US for a wedding, if I recall correctly). Now I know. Paying for an extra ticket when you've already coughed up enough money to feed a village in Africa for a month... not gonna happen!

Rebecca said...

Oh, man. I feel bad when I see underage bedu boys harassing the sheep they're supposed to be shepherding. These guys are a bunch of overgrown (talented) adolescents!

Hope you're adjusting!