Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Party Crashers

Last week we did Teddy Bear's birthday party. He turned 3 a few weeks back, and we waited for grandma to arrive from America to throw the party. I let him choose the guest list, which included about half of his nursery school and some neighborhood friends as well. It was monkey themed, with Curious George plates and fruit snacks, and a homemade monkey cake. I also made jello for the kids, which was a big hit. I used 6 packets of jello, and between 20-25 clear cups. Two days before the party I did the first layer of jello, one day before the party another layer, and the day of we topped the cups with whipped cream (dream whip is what is available here).We had kids, moms, dads, chaos, and fun. The weather was colder than I thought it would be so we were mostly inside, but the sun came out for a while. Teddy Bear was thrilled and grinned ear the whole time. Abu Tulip read a Curious George story to the kids, and we sent the children home happy and sugar buzzed.

Today we decided to take the kids to funtastic. With Abu Tulip away for work, grandma and I wanted to do something fun with the boys. Oliver has been begging to return to funtastic ever since Twinbean's birthday there. What we didn't realize is that there was a birthday party going on already. The host invited us to join and we had quite a party. Along with all the great educational activities at the place, they had hired magician to come to a show, and brought food and cake to feed three birthday parties. The magician had a two live rabbits, a snake, and a turtle, along with the usual tricks up his sleeve. The kids were thrilled. They also dressed up as batman and spiderman and danced for the video camera. The kids even received party favors, too. We thanked the birthday boy's family numerous times, and they were so gracious.
We're home now and exhausted. Time for a Dora movie for the kids and some down -time for us! Gotta love Arab hospitality. Maybe we'll crash a birthday party again next week...

~ Um Tulip


Anonymous said...

3anjad, that Arab hospitality is something else, inviting strangers to share the party and having plenty to feed them!

Sharon M said...

I love how people are like that in the ME. We went to KFC here and had a similar situation; there was a b-day party for a bunch of tween girls, and they just adored the kiddos, shared their cake, and played with them the entire time. I had a hard time getting Culacha and Little Man to leave!